The main provisions of service (public offer)
  • Service provides only the patronage for .exe, .dll, APK, PHP, JS, VB and other supported formats from reverse engineering.
  • The service is not responsible for the contents of the files transferred to the client or customer through the service.
  • The service shall not be held liable for damage caused to the files transferred to the client or customer.
  • All responsibility rests on those who uploaded the file.
  • Service does not carry responsibility for the hosted material on the service.
  • The whole responsibility for the hosted material rests with the person who posted it.
  • In case of detection of suspicious files, please refer to the administration of the service. To further resolve the issue.
Responsibilities of the parties.
  • The client has the right to refuse to work if the work is carried out on a file over an hour.
  • The client is obliged to check the file to the operation within 30 minutes after receiving the file. Otherwise, the case is not a guarantee.
  • The client can agree to not file FUD. But after downloading the file claims for Detective are not accepted.
  • Crypter must provide FUD file.
  • Crypter junk file should fix within 30 minutes. Otherwise refusal in favor of the client.
  • If the file does not work, at least for one OS. That task is closed in favor of the client. (Xp, 7,8,8.1). crypter can fix the file.
  • The site administration can engage in clashes between the parties and to decide in favor of either one.
  • Performers prohibited to transfer files to a third party
  • A file is considered workers unless there is any error in the file. If the file does not work correctly, the evidence must be provided.
  • It is forbidden to load known files nonworking in unlimited tasks.
  • Forbidden crypt instead use SFX archives.
Other rules
  • It is forbidden to transfer the account to third parties.
  • It is forbidden to break into the system.
  • Not Allowed badwords.
  • The balance of the derivation of the system must be greater than 30 $.
  • Payable may only earnings.
  • It is prohibited to defame or make service in a bad light.
  • The return of customer funds, can only produce.
  • In no-limit tariff crypters FUD file must be maintained for at least 18 hours in an amount per day for payment.
  • All rules related to time are recorded at the time on the server
  • It is forbidden to slander and to make service in a bad light.
  • It is forbidden to cause damage to the service in some way.
  • Administration reserves the right to withdraw an equivalent amount of money in another currency.
  • It is forbidden to share contacts within the service
  • Administration is not responsible for the safety of the data on the servers ordered
  • Once a week administration can organize a mass mailing to all users of the system.

Administration the right to change the terms of service and rules of service.

If violation of these items can follow the ban, without payment.