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We present our unique hosts file
Unique hosts file where banned (blocked) the various sites of the following categories: social media platforms, Alibaba, mail-rambler-yandex, MONSTERS, NEWSMEDIA, EQUATION-APT, SCAM & GAMBLINGs, DOORWAY, GEO, ANALYTICS & STATS, SUSPICIOUS, ADVERTISING.

What is the best plug-ins and other applications blockers?

No need to install or what software which can also be bookmarked. Everything is transparent, you simply replace the hosts file. It works on all operating systems. Windows, Linux, Android and others.


Download the file. And replace it in the following ways:
Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
Linux, Android: /etc/hosts
Mac: /private/etc/hosts
You can also exclude a site you want, simply by removing them from the list.
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Updated 07.11.2016
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