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New samples of Trojans Android.Xiny can be implemented in system processes

New samples of Trojans Android.Xiny can be implemented in system processes

by sigismund » 2016-09-20 22:20:23

Android.Xiny is distributed through a third party and the official app stores.

Experts of company "Doctor Web" reported the new versions of Trojans of the family Android.Xiny. Initially the malware, first discovered in March last year, was intended to covertly download and remove applications. However, now it can also be implemented in the processes of system software and to load them with malicious plugins.

Attackers are spreading Android.Xiny through a third party and even through the official app stores for Android. Once on the device, the malware gets root privileges to download programs and display advertising. According to experts, in Android.Xiny appeared first mechanism of protection against removal (malicious apk files get the attribute immutable, which means "immutable").

New models Xiny (one of them is detected as Android.Xiny.60) received a number of improvements, including the ability to infiltrate the processes of system programs and on their behalf to run various plug-ins, after download working as part of the attacked application.

As explained by experts, implemented in the process of any messenger, the Trojan can steal and send messages. If he can intercept the process of the banking application, after running the necessary plugin malware will be able to steal confidential information
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