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Cybercriminals attack online wallets cryptocurrency of Reddit users

Cybercriminals attack online wallets cryptocurrency of Reddit users

by sigismund » 2016-09-20 12:52:08

Criminals distribute links to a site containing malware.

Users of cryptocurrency are often victims of various fraudulent schemes, and hacker attacks. One of these campaigns reported by several users of the forum Reddit. During the campaign, the attackers spread links to the site CryptoChartiq, the transition to which the device is loaded with malware designed to steal cryptocurrency from the online wallets of users.

According to one Reddit user, the victim of the attack, the attackers hacked his profile and posted a few podradio dedicated to cryptocurrency. All messages contained a link supposedly leading to the updated price list, however, redirects the victim to malicious web site where malware is downloaded. As noted by the victim, the attacker managed to crack his Bittrex wallet and withdraw funds from multiple accounts. The amount and type of cryptocurrency are not specified.

Currently, the details of the attack are not known. There is also no information about what the malware used by the attackers.
Recall that in Martha this year, researchers in security have warned that the log files of virtual transactions in working with cryptocurrency distributed systems can be used to embed malware or other illegal content (such as images of violence, etc.).
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