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The US authorities are going to sue the Russian hackers

The US authorities are going to sue the Russian hackers

by sigismund » 2016-09-18 14:04:36

In the opinion of the American authorities, the retaliation could provoke an open confrontation with Putin.

The FBI intends to have a court case on the "Russian hackers" involved, according to authorities, the recent attacks on American politicians. As reports Reuters, citing law enforcement officials, currently, the Bureau collects evidence base that will enable the U.S. Department of justice to indict responsible for the incidents Russian citizens.

The process of judicial proceedings in such cases is complex because the main evidence against foreign hackers, as a rule, are classified. Despite this, according to some representatives of the White house and U.S. Department of state, a lawsuit is the best response to what they call Russia's attempts to discredit the presidential election. How to find policies, such a step will help to avoid obvious confrontation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Qoute:"to do Nothing is not an option, because then we will show weakness and only encourage the Russians to the new attempt to interfere (to election – ed.). However, retaliation might be risky," Reuters quoted an unnamed representative of the authorities.

According to the press Secretary the White house Josh Ernest (Josh Earnest), the government was aware of the difficulties faced by the FBI when contemplating a response to the actions of hackers. "We are now in uncharted territory, and the President is very interested in the creation of international norms," said Ernest.
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