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Access to online library librusek" blocked forever

Access to online library librusek" blocked forever

by sigismund » 2016-09-16 16:01:06

rights Holders prepared for the emergence of mirror site.

Access to popular online-library "librusek" permanently blocked. The corresponding decision of Moscow city court was rendered on August 8 of this year, according to "Izvestia". This decision was made in connection with the appeal of the Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet (ISAPI), submitted on behalf of the publishing group AST".

The reason for blocking access to the site was the publication of the books "Ancient. Background. Book three," Sergei Tormasova, "Who does not think about the consequences," Daniel Koretsky and Tender leaves, poisonous roots" by Elena Mikhalkova. AZAPI appealed to the Moscow city court on 8 August this year, and "Librusek" was given a month to appeal. Such was not followed, so on 8 September the court's decision to block access to the resource on the territory of the Russian Federation entered into force.

According to the head of ISAPI Maxim Rabuka, the organization is waiting for the appearance of the mirror and have already taken appropriate action. "We prepared for this, but don't say exactly how," said Rabuka.
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