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US secret service warned about the new skimmers-periscopes

US secret service warned about the new skimmers-periscopes

by sigismund » 2016-09-15 11:10:55

Skimmer-periscope consists of two modules, one of which is mounted directly on the frame of the reader.

US secret service warned financial institutions and ATM owners about a new way of stealing payment card data, called "periscope skimming" (periscope skimming). As reported by security expert Brian Krebs, the attackers used a special device that connects directly to the internal circuit Board of the ATM.

According to the notification of the task force on financial crimes investigation of the state of Connecticut, skimmer-the periscope in the U.S. celebrated for the first time. 19 August 2016 in Connecticut was the first recorded case, and September 3, second in Pennsylvania.

In both cases, the attackers managed with a key to get inside the ATM, where they found two wired devices. The first one is a skimmer-the periscope mounted on a motorized reader through a ready-made hole. The device is installed in the connection area to the PCB and directly on the panel, and transmitting data from magnetic stripes of Bank cards. To the frame of the card reader skimmer is attached with quick-drying superglue.

Wire a periscope is connected with the second module, the so-called "control unit" consisting of a battery and a chip for data storage. In their view the "control device" resembles a small external hard drive. According to experts, charge, skimmer lasts for 14 days and his memory is able to accommodate data 32 thousand Bank cards.
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