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Posing Armada Collective scammers changed tactics

Posing Armada Collective scammers changed tactics

by sigismund » 2016-09-14 11:52:03

cyber Criminals threaten not only to carry out a DDoS attack, but also infect the server BY Cerber extortionate.

Unknown, posing as a group Armada Collective, continue to send letters demanding ransom for the owners of web sites around the world. In case of refusal, the hackers threatened to carry out DDoS attacks.

According to one of the victims Etienne Delporte (Etienne Delport), the scammers sent her a letter requesting to transfer the amount of 1 bitcoin to the specified Bitcoin address. If funds are not sent, owned by Delporte website will undergo a DDoS attack with a capacity of 10-300 GB/s, and in order to stop her, have to pay 20 bitcoins.

In January this year in a joint operation of law enforcement agencies of several countries were detained several members of the group Armada Collective, also known as DD4BC. The attackers demanded that the victims of the foreclosure and if the payment is not carried out DDoS-attack. The activities of the group stopped, however, after some time began to receive new reports of cases of extortion.

In April of this year, the scammers posing as Armada Collective, began sending letters in which he demanded to pay 10-15 bitcoins and threatened a DDoS attack with a capacity of 1 TB/s in case of refusal to transfer the money. According to the company CloudFlare, similar letters have received more than 100 companies. Some of them refused to pay the ransom, but in none of the cases the threat was never made, notes Softpedia.

As shown by the letters that the group began to circulate in September, the attackers have changed tactics and are now threatening not only to carry out a DDoS attack, but to infect the server VIA the extortionate Cerber.

According to the analyst of ESET's Mark James (Mark James), there is a high probability that the scammers are just using a famous name to get rich quick and will not implement his threats. However, how effective this method of earnings is questionable. As shown by the analysis to the hackers Bitcoin address has not yet been transferred any bitcoins.
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