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"Anonymous international" has published a free mailbox contents staff News Media

"Anonymous international" has published a free mailbox contents staff News Media

by sigismund » 2016-09-13 16:10:32

the Archive is in two parts you can download from the file sharing service.

On Tuesday, September 13, "Anonymous international", also known as "Humpty Dumpty", published in the open access the contents of email boxes of employees of the holding News Media (Lifenews, Life). Hackers spread stolen data (total 2.7 GB) via file sharing, but they promise the most interesting materials to publish "at home".

As reported in the blog group, the published archive consists of emails the Director of the secular News Media information, Laysan Suleymanova (Mukhamejanova), employee PR Department Anna Akhmadieva, employee of IT Department Alexey Costa, journalist Zamira Ramazanova, correspondents the Internet-editions Tatyana Tyutyunnik and Dmitry Kovalchuk, and also the correspondent of the newspaper "Life" of Gregory Telnova. In addition, the archive contains letters from technical box for collecting news.

Earlier, "Anonymous international" exposed the contents of the mailboxes of the management and staff of Life for sale on "Exchange of information". The starting price of the lot amounted to 10 bitcoins (about 715 395 RUB.). For 100 bitcoins you can purchase the entire archive at once, bypassing the auction. In addition to the above employees, the archives also contained the personal information of the President of News Media Aram Gabrelyanov. According to the data published in "Exchange of information", the lot was sold to the buyer under the pseudonym of Red for 11 bitcoins.
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