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The scale of data leakage via electromagnetic channels was much larger than expected

The scale of data leakage via electromagnetic channels was much larger than expected

by sigismund » 2016-09-13 16:09:44

the Researchers were able to intercept the information transmitted within the data storage device.

Through the interception of electromagnetic radiation attackers can obtain much more sensitive information from storage devices than previously thought. These are the findings of a study conducted by experts of the company MWR Security.

As explained by the expert MWR Security Osak Peter (Piotr Osuch), all cryptographic operations in modern processing devices and data storage are physical processes where data elements must be represented by physical quantity in the physical structure, such as, for example, the transmission line. The process must be transmitted to the ultimate amount of energy, which leads to an increase of the electromagnetic field. The result will inevitably leak confidential information.

To carry out such an attack you will need hardware, the cost of which can vary from a few to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the attack, told Oak in an interview with the Register. According to him, such sums rather spend cybercriminals than government intelligence agencies.

As an example, the expert cited one of the possible scenarios of attack involving the analysis of information electromagnetic radiation in the authentication process on the principle of "challenge-response" (Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol), by using a simple magnetic sensor.

"This sensor will read the electromagnetic waves coming from multiple sources, so concentrate on the most interest (i.e. the authentication process) would be impossible. However, by understanding the internal operations of a cryptographic algorithm and statistical analysis, you can get some information about the internal cryptographic operations," said Osak.

More information about the study experts MWR Security has promised to publish later.
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