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Published the secret of the user manual for the device a Stingray to monitor phones

Published the secret of the user manual for the device a Stingray to monitor phones

by sigismund » 2016-09-13 16:07:38

Manufacturer "IMSI-catcher" Harris Corporation has made every effort to hide details about the device.

Device Stingray tracking of mobile devices by a unique identifier IMSI is very popular among US law enforcement for over 15 years.

Manufacturer "IMSI-catcher" Harris Corporation and its customers have made every effort to hide from the public any details about the device. However, journalists of The Intercept managed to get a few instructions from the manufacturer (a total of 200 pages) on the use of Stingray.

"IMSI-catcher" is a device that masquerades as a base station of the cellular network. When the mobile phone connects to a Stingray, to intercept and retransmit the signal, allowing law enforcement agencies to monitor the user without his knowledge and without the knowledge of the operator.

As noted by the expert on technical issues the nonprofit organization Privacy International Richard Secretly (Richard Tynan) obtained by The Intercept instructions give the most clear view of the last models of the Stingray and other similar devices. For example, they described the Stingray II, able to disguise from the four base stations and to monitor the networks of four operators simultaneously. With additional components the device can work simultaneously in 2G, 3G and 4G.

According to the Secretly manufactured by Harris Corporation of equipment not only provides huge opportunities for monitoring users, but also relatively easy to operate. That is, even most non-technically proficient law enforcement officers can easily monitor a large number of people. Any mechanism that would prevent misuse of the device, Stingray II is not provided.

Although the word "Stingray" has become a household name for all such devices, the instructions mention other devices manufactured by Harris Corporation – Hailstorm, ArrowHead, AmberJack and KingFish. These devices also allow you to track the signal of the phone connected to the fake base station, to locate and intercept incoming and outgoing email messages. The instructions also have a section dedicated to the permanent storage of captured data. Note, in the last few years, American intelligence agencies had denied that the data is stored.

Control of equipment from Harris Corporation is using Gemini for Windows that allows you to track the phone in 2G, 3G and LTE. Journalists also managed to get a video depicting the Gemini in action.

With the help of a program iDen operators Controller device may even to call a tracked device in order not to miss them and continue to monitor in the future.

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