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Operators will be obliged to use Russian equipment

Operators will be obliged to use Russian equipment

by sigismund » 2016-09-09 14:11:18

the task is scheduled to perform at the expense of increase of duties on import of foreign equipment.

By 2020 all Russian Telecom operators and data centers to 85%, must consist of equipment of domestic production. According to the "road map" for import substitution of telecommunication equipment, prepared by a working group under the presidential administration.

According to the newspaper "Kommersant", where journalists were able to read the document, the authors of the "road map" plan to complete the task by raising import duties on equipment, as well as a ban on the use of equipment of foreign production in some areas.

According to the document, by 2020 in Russia should receive 12 thousand units of equipment with a status of "telecommunication equipment of Russian origin" (THORPE). By this time all Russian operators have 85% consist of such technical equipment. To achieve the goal the authors propose in 2017 reduce by 50% the VAT, profit tax and social payments to manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. Also provides for the reduction of duties on imported components necessary for the production of technical means. Simultaneously, it proposed to increase import duties on finished equipment of foreign production with zero rate of up to 50%.

Among other things, the developers of the document suggest from 2017 to ban Russian operators to use foreign equipment in some areas, in particular "the accumulation of statistical data, testing, analyzing and filtering network packets by their content (DPI)" or in the provision of services to government agencies.

To increase incentives for commercial enterprises to use domestic telecommunications equipment and increasing the volume of its exports, the authors suggest to provide customers with preferential loans.
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