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A hacker broke into the email of the head of the CIA to find evidence of the existence of aliens

A hacker broke into the email of the head of the CIA to find evidence of the existence of aliens

by sigismund » 2016-09-09 14:10:27

In the United States arrested two more members of the group Crackas With Attitude.

In the U.S. state of North Carolina law enforcement officials arrested two men on charges of involvement in hacking attacks on CIA Director John Brennan (John Brennan) and other dignitaries. On Thursday, September 8, according to the Associated Press.

According to investigators, 22-year-old Andrew Otto Boggs (Boggs Andrew Otto), also known as INCURSIO, and 24-year-old Loverman Justin gray (Justin Gray Liverman) under the pseudonym D3F4ULT are members of the group Crackas With Attitude. This organization is known for hacking accounts, Directors of the CIA John Brennan and NSA James Klepper (James Clapper), the Deputy head of the FBI Mark Giuliano (Giuliano Mark) and Minister of national security of the United States Jae Johnson (Jeh Johnson) in a number of services.

At the beginning of this year in the UK was arrested a 16-year-old, known as Cracka, presumably a leader of Crackas With Attitude. The investigation failed to obtain the contents of electronic correspondence Boggs with an unnamed person in which he reported about the intention to "continue to work Cracka". "I want to continue the work of [Cracka] if or when he will be arrested. I know he will get a severe punishment, because the government does not like to be a joke," the letter reads.
In a 37-page criminal case the surname Brennan and other us officials is not specified. However, under the stated in document a "Victim 1" probably refers to the head of the CIA. According to investigation materials, correspondence "Victim 1" was published on the WikiLeaks 21 October 2015, which coincides with the date of publication of emails of Brennan. In correspondence with Cracka Boggs explained his desire to hack led "Among 1" office in order to find "evidence of the existence of aliens".

Hackers use hacked accounts to advertise freedom movement of Palestine (Free Palestine), and had contact with the victims, posing as Edward Snowden. As previously reported by the media, Crackas With Attitude intercepted phone calls Director of the NSA and redirected them to the members of the movement for the freedom of Palestine. In the case indicated a phone conversation during which hackers were discussing such a plan, however, the victim's name was not called.
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