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Secret released a promotional video showing the spyware in action

Secret released a promotional video showing the spyware in action

by sigismund » 2016-09-08 22:23:23

journalists published a promotional video for clients spyware.

Like any other commercial enterprise, suppliers of tools for the surveillance of the owners of the computers and mobile devices like Hacking Team or NSO Group needs to advertise their products to attract buyers. They must convince customers that they offer expensive technologies really are worth every penny.

For interested buyers (as a rule, law enforcement agencies) of the company to remove the "live" video showing the spyware in action. These videos are only a limited number of persons – employees of manufacturers, potential buyers and their intermediaries. Edition Motherboard is failed to obtain previously unpublished ten-minute video showing the work of spyware. This software was developed by little-known Italian contractor RCS Lab, working for intelligence services.

Unlike Hacking Team RCS Lab company for many years been able to remain in the shadows, and its products or customers, virtually nothing is known. In the published Motherboard video shows an employee of RCS Lab, showcasing the unknown face of the work spyware. The video explains how to use it to carry out attacks "man in the middle" and infect with malware the computers of visitors to specific sites.

RCS spyware designed Lab tool Mito3 allows you to easily MITM-attack, only to establish in appropriate settings. A law enforcement officer can specify which site to use as vector, click on the drop down menu and select "inject HTML", then on the selected site will appear malicious pop-UPS.

Mito3 allows you to intercept the phone calls of the victim, text messages, chat in chat rooms, as well as to monitor her movements (through GPS) and activity in social networks. The malware works on both desktop and mobile OS. According to the reporters the advertising brochure, Mito3 can even automatically transfer recordings to text.

At 4:45 minute video employee of RCS Lab demonstrates the attack in action on the example (site of the client popular chat IRC). When the victim visits a web page, it displays a fake notification about the necessity to have Adobe Flash. After the victim clicks "Install", system will boot ON the computer.

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