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Hackers again use the attack a decade ago on Windows Media Player

Hackers again use the attack a decade ago on Windows Media Player

by sigismund » 2016-09-08 22:20:18

during the attack, the attackers use are implemented in the Media Player technical means of copyright protection.

As reported by the security researchers, amitay Dan (Amitay Dan) and AVI Turiel (Avi Turiel), the hackers are still successfully using the attack a decade ago on Windows Media Player. Using almost forgotten techniques of social engineering criminals force their victims to run malicious executable files through Media Player implemented in the technical means of copyright protection (Digital Rights Management, DRM).

The mechanism of DRM in Media Player works in the following way: every time a user tries to play protected content (e.g., movie), the player displays a pop-up notification with a URL where you can legally purchase the desired content. If the user clicks "OK" he can go to the link and enter all the necessary data to pay for product. After payment, the provider will unlock the movie, and it will be available for viewing.

Instead of referring to legal product attackers equip the content with reference to controlled by a phishing site. When the victim falls into this resource, she disguised as a codec allegedly required for video playback, it is proposed to install a Trojan.

First attacks using links in the DRM notification was recorded 10 years ago. However, they remain little-known and every few years pop up again. According to Dana and Tories, attackers began to use this attack. According to them, is distributed via BitTorrent a pirated copy of a recent screen movie "Men with guns" ("War Dogs"), through which hackers carried out the above attack. The film come with a link leading to a website where along with a real codec Div-X (it is necessary to conceal malicious activity), the victim loads on your system the dropper.
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