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In the United States arrested a hacker hacked the servers of the project in 2011

In the United States arrested a hacker hacked the servers of the project in 2011

by sigismund » 2016-09-06 17:48:07

the suspect hacked servers installed malware to steal credentials of users of the resource.

Law enforcement officers of the United States arrested programmer from South Florida on suspicion of unauthorized access to servers belonging to organizations and Organization Linux Kernel Linux Foundation. We are talking about the incident in 2011, which was hacked - the main server to distribute the source code of the Linux kernel, the main site hosting the repositories of the kernel and various Linux distributions.

27-year-old Donald Ryan Austin (Donald Ryan Austin was charged with four incidents of "intentional actions that cause harm to a protected computer."

According to the investigation, in 2011, the suspect stole the credentials of one of the system administrators Linux Kernel Organization and getting access to the organization's servers (Odin1, Zeus1 and Pub3) used to support, installed a backdoor called Phalanx. Then Austin had allegedly implemented on the servers Ebury Trojan developed by hacking Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris, and with it, received the credentials of the users of the resource. According to a press release of the justice Department, the suspect hacked the personal email server of the founder of the Linux Kernel Organization Peter Anvin (Peter Anvin).

After the arrest, Austin was brought before the court and was granted bail of $50 thousand Trial on the case of programmer appointed on 21 September 2016.
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