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Tens of thousands of firewalls Cisco ASA still vulnerable to attacks ExtraBacon

Tens of thousands of firewalls Cisco ASA still vulnerable to attacks ExtraBacon

by sigismund » 2016-09-06 12:12:42

the affected products are used by major companies in the U.S. and government Agency in the UK.

Tens of thousands of firewalls Cisco ASA is still vulnerable to attacks using ExtraBacon exploits from the Arsenal of the national security Agency of the United States. About this tool, allowing to bypass the authentication mechanism became known as a result of leakage of company documents Equation Group.

According to some experts, the Equation Group – not that other, as an elite hacking unit of the NSA known as Tailored Access Operations (TAO). Leak tools Equation Group could be the result of hacking into government servers, the hackers of Shadow Brokers, however, according to some reports, the incident occurred through the fault of the insider.

After learning about the existence of exploits for vulnerabilities in its product, Cisco has released an update. However, according to experts of the company Rapid 7 Derek Abdin (Derek Abdine) and Bob Rudis (Bob Rudis), tens of thousands of firewalls are still vulnerable. The researchers scanned 50 thousand devices installed Cisco ASA catalog Rapid 7 and determined the date of the last reboot. The experts were not able to obtain data about 12 thousand of them. However, of the 38 thousand units 10 thousand was reloaded within 15 days from the date of release of the patch, and thus the remaining 28 thousand were left without updates.

According to the researchers, are still vulnerable products use four large companies in the United States, government Agency and financial services company in the UK, as well as major Telecom operator in Japan.
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