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The Indian company sells zero-day vulnerabilities to automated process control system of Siemens for €2 million

The Indian company sells zero-day vulnerabilities to automated process control system of Siemens for €2 million

by sigismund » 2016-09-06 12:10:37

Aglaya offers a variety of services, from custom-made DDoS-attacks to "cyber weapons".

In the summer of 2014, a little-known contractor of new Delhi (India) set out to break into the multi-billion dollar market of governmental exploits and spyware. In order to attract potential clients the company May have released a very impressive brochure. In a 20-page document presents the tools for espionage and forensic examination are usually offered by the manufacturer in closed conferences with the participation of the governments of the world.

The brochure, obtained by journalists Motherboard and never previously unpublished, sheds light on the market highly controversial tools in the Arsenal of law enforcement and intelligence agencies. This document and the recently published a hefty catalogue of products of the British company Cobham are a good example of the growing popularity of commercial tools for tracking.

According to the brochure, for just €3 thousand Aglaya offers buyers a spyware for Android and iOS devices, and for €250 thousand, the company undertakes to monitor any smartphone in the world. Essentially, Aglaya offers a standard set of services provided by companies like Hacking Team, FinFisher and the NSO Group, selling unparalleled tool for iOS devices Pegagus.

In addition to the standard package of services, May have more tricks up my sleeve. The company is ready in 8-12 weeks to modify the results in the search engines and news feed in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, to "manipulation of current events". This service is called "Weaponized Information" ("Information weapons"). The service company is ready to conduct operations "infiltration" ("filter"), "ruse" ("trick") and "the sting" ("sting") to "the discredit goal," whether "an individual or company. The operation lasts 8-12 weeks and cost $ 2.5 million

Among other things, May provide DDoS attack as a service for €600 a day. $1 million the company sells "cyber weapons" to attack power plants and other critical infrastructure. Over €2 million may buy zero-day vulnerabilities in industrial equipment manufactured by Siemens.
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