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Over 43 million records users was available online

Over 43 million records users was available online

by sigismund » 2016-09-02 16:00:48

the Data was stolen during the attack in March 2012.

Thursday, September 1, specialize in tracking leaks website LeakedSource once again added to its database. As reported by Softpedia with reference to the representatives of the resource in a LeakedSource was 43 570 999 user records music service leaked in the attack in March 2012. began investigating the incident in may 2012, after users began to complain about the large amount of spam, and on one of the forums was published 1.5 million passwords. The service has not given details about the attack, however, most likely, there were insufficient protection of user data.

According to representatives of LeakedSource, leaked user passwords was hashed using MD5 without salt, so in just two hours, the researchers were able to decode 96% of them. As representatives of the LeakedSource, the data dump contains not only the passwords but also usernames, email addresses, dates of registration and details about the service (list of "banned" users, the data about the web player, information on newsletters, etc.).

The website LeakedSource received a data dump from the user ID [email protected] in Jabber. The staff of the resource checked out some of the leaked passwords and have confirmed their authenticity. has joined a long line of services, whose users recently were victims of data breaches. Also recently there were reports about large-scale leakage of information of the users "Vkontakte", Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Yahoo! etc. In connection with the incident that the music service Spotify has sent their customers a notice about the need to change passwords.
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