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Hackers stole data more than 68 million users of Dropbox

Hackers stole data more than 68 million users of Dropbox

by sigismund » 2016-08-31 15:23:13

the Data leaked in the attack that took place in 2012.

Last week Dropbox cloud service has warned its users not to change passwords from 2012, about the need to change the credentials. As reported in the company's notice, the measure is preventive and hacking. However, there were rumours that Dropbox has undergone extensive leak.

According to the publication Motherboard, the attackers stole data (email addresses and hashed salted passwords) 68 680 741 user of the service. The journalists managed to obtain them and pass the leadership to Dropbox for authentication. As the analysis conducted by the researcher Troy hunt (Troy Hunt) and experts of the company, the information is accurate.

Previously, Dropbox explained the need to change the password leak that occurred four years ago. According to Motherboard, the leaked data dump was abducted in 2012. By words a press-the Secretary of the company, no evidence of unauthorized access to the posted recordings of the users affected by the leak was found.

About 32 million leaked passwords are protected using a cryptographic hash function bcrypt, and decipher their attackers is unlikely. Other passwords are protected using SHA-1 with salt. Since 2012, Dropbox several times changed hashing methods to protect their users.
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