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Who stole 3 billion hackers were the developers of the set of exploits Angler

Who stole 3 billion hackers were the developers of the set of exploits Angler

by sigismund » 2016-08-31 15:22:37

Initially, the set of exploits was designed only to spread a banking Trojan Lurk.

In June of this year SecurityLab wrote about the detention of members of the hacker group Lurk on suspicion of embezzling about 3 billion rubles from the accounts of Russian users. As it turned out, the theft of funds with the help of the eponymous banking Trojan was not the only form of income groups.
The analysis of the infrastructure of malware Lurk the specialists of "Kaspersky Lab" found that the operators of the Trojan was engaged in the development and subsequent leasing kit Angler exploit pack malware can exploit vulnerabilities in popular software and install additional malware onto victims ' computers. Cybercriminals worldwide are actively used by the Angler for the integration of various malware – from advertising to banking Trojans and ransomware, in particular, CryptXXX and All.

According to LK, the original set of exploits designed with one purpose – to ensure the effective spread of banking Trojan Lurk. Over time, however, virus writers expanded the scope of the Angler and started to rent it out.

According to the head of Department of investigation of computer incidents LK Ruslan Stoyanov, probably, the decision to sell to other cyber criminals access Angler was due to the high cost support had grown to that time, network infrastructure, and salary "employees".

In addition to the development and support of the Angler, the group was engaged in other activities. Virus writers will not stop with the creation of a powerful banking Trojan for the massive embezzlement of funds from the systems of RBS (remote banking service) and began to develop a complex fraudulent scheme with the substitution of SIM cards on fake power of attorney. Also, the group has carried out targeted attacks on banks with the involvement of insiders.
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Spice Stealer 2.0 - Chrome, FF & IE похититель паролей [Delphi]

by Admin » 2017-12-15 13:22:15


Who stole 3 billion hackers were the developers of the set of exploits Angler

by kartman » 2016-09-01 01:12:51

here and lit up guys
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