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Controlled by the FBI, the Megaupload domains distribute advertising porn sites

Controlled by the FBI, the Megaupload domains distribute advertising porn sites

by sigismund » 2016-08-28 10:12:10

due to the expiration of the registration servers control over the domains were able to obtain an underdog.

In 2012 in the framework of the criminal case against Megaupload and its owner Kim Dotcom U.S. authorities seized several domains associated with file sharing. After almost five years, the domains are still under the control of the government, however, apparently, it is not too concerned about their protection. Recently, a number of Megaupload domains were seen in the distribution of references to the portal containing videos of an intimate nature.

Megaupload was closed almost polecamy ago, but during all this time in the proceedings there was only minor progress. Last December the District court in New Zealand ruled the decision to extradite the Creator of life Kim Dotcom and his colleagues in the United States. Pending consideration of the case, the US government retains control over certain property of the company, including, cash, cars, and more than a dozen former domain names, including,, and

Initially the resources were located "notice of seizure" of domain names, but this week the journalists TorrentFreak noticed that the name hosting a website containing advertising resources with soft porn. This is featured on the resources of and As notes the edition, these domains are still controlled by the FBI.

It is not a single such incident. Last year, several of the arrested Megaupload's domain names, including and started to redirect users to resources with deceptive advertising and malware. Then the problem was associated with the expiration of the domain registration used by FBI as a server for various seized domain names. In the end, the Bureau has fixed the problem, but as it turned out, not completely.

A few weeks ago the registration period again expired, than not fail to take advantage of third-party entities wishing to capitalize on the FBI-controlled domains. According to WHOIS, still using the server allowing to assume that the domains of Megaupload are now under the control of an outsider.

Qoute:"They [the FBI] domain management Megaupload reflect the progress of the criminal case: incompetence," commented the Creator of the file-sharing site Kim Dotcom.

In February 2015, the Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. gained control of the largest "dark web" site with child pornography Playpen. While the site was under the jurisdiction of the secret service, his attendance increased significantly, with some users even noted improvements in the quality of the resource.
Recall that in early August this year, Kim Dotcom confirmed the creation of the heir to Megaupload with support for Bitcoin.
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