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Apple reserves iCloud deleted user photos

Apple reserves iCloud deleted user photos

by sigismund » 2016-08-26 10:51:42

Deleted images are still kept in the cloud for some time.

User photos devices running iOS 8.1 and later versions cannot be removed physically, and for some time they remain in iCloud. On Thursday, August 25, according to the portal with reference to experts of the Russian company Elcomsoft. How long the "remote" image is still stored in the cloud is unknown, but most old photo discovered by specialists Elcomsoft, iCloud has been in more than six months.

We investigated low-level protocols access to the iCloud and released a software product Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 6.0, which is able to upload from iCloud photos taken by the mobile device. It was found that photos that a user has deleted, and which in the album "Recently Deleted" it is not visible, in fact, continue to be stored in iCloud and can be retrieved from there," quotes CEO Vladimir Cathar.

As experts explain, starting with version iOS 8.1 introduces iCloud Photo Library, allowing not immediately delete the pictures forever. After removal they go to the Recently deleted album, and within 30 days user can to recover them. After 30 days, images are deleted forever, or at least looks like that. However, according to experts, Elcomsoft, in fact the photos do not disappear, but remain in the cloud, where they can obtain a limited number of people (excluding the owner of the photos).

According to Katalova, data of Russian users stored in the USA in a rented Apple data centers of Amazon, Microsoft, Google and AT&T. the encryption Keys are stored together with the information, so to access "deleted" photos can be like Apple, and the aforementioned company. In addition, according to the document, describing the interaction of the Apple with the government's security services, the company shall transfer, upon their request, stored on its servers.

According to experts, Elcomsoft, they discovered a vulnerability is a bug in the software, and not intentionally left bedorom.
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