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"Rostelecom" the operator may be separate communication networks for government agencies

"Rostelecom" the operator may be separate communication networks for government agencies

by sigismund » 2016-08-26 10:46:45

estimated Rossvyaz, the creation of the network will cost 663,4 billion.

The security Council of the Russian Federation plans to return to the project to create an integrated communication network for state administration bodies. This is indicated in the letter of security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to "Vedomosti" citing informed sources.

According to the letter, we are talking about creating separate secure network for government agencies that are physically separated from the public network. According to the author of the letter, such a network will allow to implement reliable state and military control.

In March last year, the Ministry of communications has started preparing changes to the law "On communication", involving the development of secure communication networks for government agencies, but after six months, the economic development Ministry has criticized the project, arguing that it duplicates already existing communication networks of special purpose. However, the bill did not refuse: it is now being assessed for regulatory impact and anti-corruption expertise.

Management of the integrated network Patrushev offers to provide "Rostelecom". The Federal communications Agency (Rossvyaz is under the supervision of the Ministry of communications) has developed a series of scenarios to implement the proposal of Secretary of the security Council in practice.

In the first scenario, the Agency proposes to include the network part of "Rostelecom". Integration will be partially funded by the government through the purchase of additional shares of the company. According to estimates Rossvyaz, the creation of the network will cost 663,4 billion (581 billion roubles from the budget). As a disadvantage of such plan, the Department indicated the possibility of losing control over the network of government agencies in the case of privatization of "Rostelecom".

The second scenario entails the transmission network under the control of subsidiary enterprises with the subsequent sale to the state. Since such a transaction would require the approval of 75% of the votes, the state may have to increase its stake in Rostelecom to 75.1%, the newspaper notes.

Finally, the third sentence of Rossvyaz involves a contract between Rostelecom and the Federal communications Agency for a period of 10 years. Under this agreement, the operator connects state agencies to the network, and Rossvyaz pays for the services. As considered in the Agency for 10 years, costs will amount to 623 billion, but the state will remain with the current stake, and an integrated network will not fall under his jurisdiction.

According to one of interlocutors of "Vedomosti", such an ambitious project is unlikely to be ever implemented. First of all, the project is not likely to receive the approval of the Ministry of Finance, since its implementation in the Federal budget corny may not be enough funds.
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