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Hackers stole from the Thai Bank for $346000, causing the shutdown of 3,300 ATMs in the country

Hackers stole from the Thai Bank for $346000, causing the shutdown of 3,300 ATMs in the country

by seo_worker » 2016-08-26 09:50:35

At the beginning of June 2016 in Taiwan there was a strange robbery. Then, unknown attackers attacked ATMs in several cities of the country and unknown way forced them to give all available cash. In total, the attackers managed to steal 2.18 million dollars. Now history repeated itself in Thailand. In the time period from 1 to 8 August 2016 unknown removed the ATM Government Savings Bank (GSB) to more than 12 million baht (about $346 000). Bank representatives and law enforcement officials believe that criminals hacked ATMs using malware.

Let me remind you that in June the head of Bank of Taiwan, told journalists that unknown persons attacked precisely ATMs, produced by the German company Wincor Nixdorf. On Taiwan, there are about 5000. The criminals just went to the ATM, made some manipulations, after which the machine gladly gave them the cash, the attackers were immediately Packed in our backpacks.

In the end, on suspicion of involvement in the incident Taiwan authorities have arrested a Latvian, Romanian and Moldovan, but also several suspects (including five Russian citizens) managed to escape. Later, the detainees reported that the group consisted of 38 people.

Now, a similar robbery was reported by the Bangkok police. Unknown persons attacked on 21 ATM, owned by the Government Savings Bank, and kidnapped more than 12 million baht. Recording from surveillance cameras showed again that the robbers were foreigners from Eastern Europe.

The Bank's representatives warned that it was the victim machine was manufactured by NCR, and the attackers apparently used a bug or malware, compromising the ATMs of the company. The country has more than 10,000 NCR ATMs, of which 7,000 belong to the GBS. In the end, the Bank suspended the work of its 3300 ATMs, leaving work only those machines that are located in safe, protected places, for example, in offices of banks.

Local media reported that the case was not without some malware with which attackers infected devices were forced to give them all available cash, for 40 000 baht per time. While law enforcement agencies of Thailand are investigating the incident, with the support of colleagues from the police force of Taiwan, as between the two robberies suspect a connection.
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