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A new update for the Windows 10 Powershell broke and not fixed bug with web cameras

A new update for the Windows 10 Powershell broke and not fixed bug with web cameras

by seo_worker » 2016-08-25 19:15:58

29 July 2016, Windows 10 marks a year, the system ceased to be distributed free of charge, and on 2 August, Microsoft issued a so-called "anniversary" (Anniversary Update). After this update many users have ceased to function a web camera. As it turned out, the problem is that Windows Camera Frame Server stop supporting H. 264 and MJPEG formats. Users were looking forward to a bug fix, but released on 23 August 2016 update KB 3176934 not only doesn't fix the problem, now broke and PowerShell.

Recently the developers decided that the new Camera Frame Server will only work with uncompressed YUY2 stream transmitted from the camera, and this innovation was a real disaster for a large number of users. A variety of models of web cameras or simply stopped working or started to "hang out" and noticeably slow down, for example, while using Skype.

Its decision, Microsoft explained that H. 264 and MJPEG create performance issues, and the rejection of them had to give a number of applications direct access to web cameras. As it turned out, the developers miscalculated, and innovation is turned into a problem. Assessing the scale of the problem, Microsoft promised to release a patch as soon as possible, tentatively in September 2016.

The researchers, who did not want to wait for the fixes a few months, come up with their own ways of dealing with the problem. Owners 32-bit systems, we recommend to make changes in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform. In the Platform you need to create DWORD (32-bit), calling it "EnableFrameServerMode" and giving it the value "0".

On 64-bit systems likewise offer correct KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform.

But while users help themselves, August 23, Microsoft unveiled the planned cumulative update KB 3176934. Problem with web cameras this update does not resolve, instead it ceases to function properly PowerShell platform, whose source code Microsoft opened last week.

PowerShell write the developers in the official blog that in particular is not working Desired State Configuration (DSC).

Qoute:"because Of the missing file .MOF update breaks the working DSC. All operations DSC will result in an error Invalid Property. In addition, because of the missing binary has stopped working a function of implicit remoting, which PowerShell uses to work with teams of remote sessions, that is, the import of remote sessions is also more impossible."

To make the fix and repair PowerShell developers promise 30 August 2016, and they immediately apologize "for any inconvenience", not noticing the irony (the phrase can be interpreted in two ways and perceive it in the context of the upcoming patch).
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