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Epic Games forums have again been hacked, data stolen 800 000 users

Epic Games forums have again been hacked, data stolen 800 000 users

by seo_worker » 2016-08-24 15:37:55

Representatives of the aggregator leaks LeakedSource report that the Epic Games forums, which are inhabited by the gaming community, Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament, Infinity Blade, Gears of War and Bulletstorm, been compromised. Though a similar incident had already taken place in the summer of 2015, LeakedSource writes that data theft 808 000 users – is the result of new attacks, dated 11 Aug 2016.

It is reported that the hacker, whose name was not revealed, managed to get on the forums of Epic Games, using the usual SQL injection, to which vulnerable older version of the vBulletin platform. The attacker managed to do a full backup dump of the database.

In the hands of the attacker got the information about user names, email addresses, dates of birth, a complete history of all messages, including personal, passwords, and tokens Facebook if a user used to log on to the website social network.

The fact of the hacking has already been confirmed by representatives of Epic Games, in their statement they write that user passwords forums, Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament were not compromised and does not fall into the hands of the hacker "in any form, no hashes, salted hashes, or open text." Epic Games reports that the passwords were stored "elsewhere", so the reset will not be held.

Less fortunate users of the forums the Infinity Blade, UDK, old games like Unreal Tournament and archived forums Gears of War. In their case, it really was a leak of salted password hashes, so now you are insistently advised to change passwords.

Also, according to the official report, the attack did not affect the Paragon forums, Fortnite, Shadow Complex and SpyJinx.

The most paradoxical in this story, the fact that representatives of Epic Games can't or don't want to learn from their mistakes. In July 2015, the forums the company has already been compromised. Then the hackers also exploited a hole in VBulletin, and it turned out that before the hack, the company did not upgrade the engine of forum for several years.

Now the Epic Games forums partially not working, and the administration, obviously, updates. As the second break-in will affect the safety of the forums, we can only speculate, but I would like to believe that Epic Games will still to pay attention to even the timely apdejtam.
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