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Members of the Shadow Brokers trying to impersonate aliens

Members of the Shadow Brokers trying to impersonate aliens

by sigismund » 2016-08-24 10:56:58

Structural and grammatical errors in the message the hackers were committed intentionally.

Members of the hacker group The Shadow Brokers who carried out the attack on the server allegedly associated with the NSA Equation Group command, trying to impersonate the aliens, but in fact are native speakers of American English. This conclusion came Professor Illinois Institute of technology Shlomo Argamon (Shlomo Argamon) on the basis of the analysis of the accompanying annotations to the dataset, for sale by hackers from The Shadow Brokers.

At first glance, the text was written by a man, bad English language, but the linguist argues that all grammatical and structural mistakes made intentionally. In particular, in some parts, the author used the correctly constructed sentences, while others write the same phrases, mistakes were made.

"There are a number of different grammatical errors, uncharacteristic for native speakers of American English. While individually none of these factors is not pointing, the aggregate effect suggests that the author of the lines is likely to be a native U.S. English speakers attempting to impersonate a foreigner, by deliberate assumptions of different grammatical errors," - said the researcher.

According to Arcamone, the native language of the hackers can be a Slavic language, e.g. Russian or Polish, but this is unlikely.

Recently leaked files Equation Group was the second incident in the involvement of the suspected Russian hackers. According to one theory a former employee of the national security Agency USA Edward Snowden, the authors may be employees of the Russian special services, to disclose the content of the C&C server the NSA hacked in 2013.
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