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WikiLeaks reveals personal data of innocent citizens

WikiLeaks reveals personal data of innocent citizens

by sigismund » 2016-08-24 10:55:09

Posted on the website documents contain data on victims of violence, the mentally ill and debtors.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for several years in forced confinement at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, however, his brainchild, continues to work. However, the site publishes not only secret documents that shed light on "dark matter" of the governments of the world. According to the Associated Press, among posted on the resource information can be found confidential information of victims of sexual violence and people with mental illness.

"They published everything: my phone number, home address, name and other details, – said a resident of Saudi Arabia, whose lawsuit to establish paternity were published on WikiLeaks. – If my wife's family saw it... the Publication of such personal information like this, can ruin people's lives".

The dump of diplomatic documents of Saudi Arabia contains at least 124 of the file with medical records. These contain the names of sick children, refugees and people with mental illness. In one document even contains information about the Saudi who was arrested for homosexuality (in Saudi Arabia homosexuality is punishable by death). In two files displays the names of the teenagers victims of sexual violence. Furthermore, the dump contains information about the monetary debts of ordinary citizens and even information about the partners of HIV-infected women.

The analysis conducted by the AP in conjunction with the company DataGravity, was discovered more than two dozen social security numbers and credit cards. According to two people (one US diplomat, retired), after the publication of these data on WikiLeaks they were victims of identity theft.

AP reporters tried to contact Julian Assange, but to no avail, and the questions sent to the site administration, remained unanswered.
At the dawn of its existence, WikiLeaks worked closely with the journalists of The New York Times and The Guardian published documents provided by former US soldier Chelsea manning (Chelsea Manning) in 2010. Over time, however, Assange's relationships with many journalists has deteriorated, and former colleagues began to criticize his actions. For example, after the publication of documents of the Democratic party of the USA Edward Snowden said on Twitter: "the democratization of information is more important than ever, and WikiLeaks has played a big role in this, but their stubborn refusal to at least a minimum of moderation is a mistake."

We will remind, recently IB-expert Vesselin Bonchev also found in the published on the WikiLeaks dump of e-mails a few hundred malware samples.
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