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Tor scares users iPV6 error message, but nothing to worry about

Tor scares users iPV6 error message, but nothing to worry about

by seo_worker » 2016-08-22 13:53:59

Frederic Jacobs (Frederic Jacobs), a former developer Whisper Systems, who participated in the creation of the messenger Signal, found an interesting problem. The official page of the Tor Project used to check the settings of the browser (, according to the users of IPv6 that the browser is configured incorrectly.

Page opened a few years ago, and for many users Tor browser since is starting. Page allows to check correctly whether the browser is running, not "visible" to real IP address of the user, and protected connection. If everything is in order, the user will see the green "Congratulations, this browser is configured to use Tor, and if something is wrong, it will show a red warning "Sorry, you are not using Tor" and the real IP address.

Jacobs has revealed that the test ' there is a problem: if a user connects to Tor using IPv6, page shows a warning about an incorrect setting of the browser, but actually with the browser and settings, everything is in order. The researcher attempted to understand why this happens and came to the following conclusion:

Qoute:"Perhaps the fact that the output node is connected to via IPv6. Since Tor still does not support IPv6 fully, the output node is defined as unknown, and trigger warning."

According to Google statistics, IPv6 support has not yet reached even the level of 15% in the world. However, this did not prevent Frederick Jacobs to raise the issue of incorrect operation test page in the newsletter for developers. The researcher suggested the most simple solution is to forbid nodes to use IPv6 as long as the Tor browser will not learn to work with the new version of the Protocol in full.
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