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"Kaspersky lab" has developed its own operating system

"Kaspersky lab" has developed its own operating system

by seo_worker » 2016-08-21 14:27:32

KasperskyOS will be used in critical infrastructures and devices in the industrial and enterprise networks.
The decision of the developer of antivirus is already implemented in the routing switch, L3, developed by Kraftway, according to "Kaspersky Lab".

Secure operating system KasperskyOS was developed from scratch, the company said. The basic principle of KasperskyOS "prohibited everything that is not allowed". This prevents exploitation of both known vulnerabilities, and those that will be discovered in the future.

— Our experience showed that the modernization common OS in order to increase their level of protection will not help to achieve the desired results because they have architectural flaws. Therefore, we developed a whole new operating system where security is a top priority, said, explaining the goal of developing a new OS, Andrey Buhvalov, head of advanced technologies Department of "Kaspersky Lab".

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