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Hackers paid tribute to his "colleagues" from the TV series "Mr. Robot"

Hackers paid tribute to his "colleagues" from the TV series "Mr. Robot"

by sigismund » 2016-08-19 12:44:10

New extortionate based EDA2 uses the logo of a fictitious group f society.

As soon as the hacker culture is gradually penetrate pop culture, pop culture inspires the criminals to new achievements. Recently a lot of the popular American television series "Mr. Robot" ("Mr. Robot"), which tells about the struggle of hacktivists with the consumer society, it is not surprising that cybercriminals have decided to pay tribute to him.

Security expert Michael Gillespie (Michael Gillespie) have discovered a new variant of rent-seeking ON EDA2, which he called the f society. The malware got its name because after infecting the computer the screen shows the logo of f society – the fictional hacker group from the TV series "Mr. Robot".

Trojan-the Trojan is based on project open source EDA2 developed in the beginning of 2016, Turkish security expert Utku Hay (Utku Sen) in education. As other options EDA2, f society encrypts files on the victim's computer using the AES algorithm, and then loads the C&C server key to decrypt the encrypted by the RSA algorithm.

The ransomware encrypts the files properly, but the rest looks unfinished. Looks like f society is still in the development stage and has not spread actively. In addition to the logo, on the screen of the infected computer doesn't display any message with the ransom note or any contact its authors.
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