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The fishers are hunting for players in Pokémon GO

The fishers are hunting for players in Pokémon GO

by sigismund » 2016-08-19 12:41:55

the campaigns, the attackers send SMS messages with links to phishing resources.

Researchers from the Irish company AdaptiveMobile recorded the number of phishing spam campaigns targeting users of the popular mobile game Pokemon Go.

During one of the operations, the attackers send an SMS message containing a short link to a phishing resource imitating a legitimate website Pokémon GO. The portal promised additional features for the players if they would recommend the resource to other users 10. Currently, the resource is not active.

In other SMS campaigns, the attackers offered 14.5 thousand pokemonov (virtual currency in the game Pokémon GO) players have earned 100 points. SMS messages contained a short link to various phishing sites, including Pokemon Generator requesting user credentials for the alleged subsequent conversion of the currency into their accounts. According to experts, links to these resources contain not only text messages, but also were placed in various social networks and forums, Pokémon GO.

With the popularity of Pokémon GO started to attract the attention of phishers, and virus writers. For example, earlier it became known about fake Pokémon app, GO to Windows, under the pretext that he was hiding extortionate. The program is able not only to encrypt user files, but to install a backdoor on the target system.

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