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The government can "order" the hackers users wallet Bitcoin Core

The government can "order" the hackers users wallet Bitcoin Core

by sigismund » 2016-08-18 13:16:54

Before installing the new versions of the wallet need to verify signature and hashes.

As reported on the website, bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin Core might be a target for cyber-attacks carried out by the government.
" there is reason to believe that the code for the future release of Bitcoin Core [version 0.13.0], most likely, will be exposed to hackers sponsored by the government", - stated in the notice. What type of attack it is, the site is not specified.

"Because is simply web site, we do not have the necessary technical resources to provide protection against attacks at this level. We ask the Bitcoin community, and especially Chinese Bitcoin community to be very attentive when downloading codes from our website", - informs the administration of the resource.
Under state-sponsored hackers, in mean hackers working for the Chinese government. "We are confident that, given the origin of the attacks, the greatest risk to the Chinese services, such pools and exchanges", - stated in the notice.

According to the administration attackers might be able to fraudulently cause the victim, trying to download a new version of Bitcoin Core, download malware. By installing the malware, the user runs the risk of losing your coins and you can use the computer for attacks on the Bitcoin network.

With the aim to protect themselves from possible attacks, it is recommended to load the key used to sign the hashes of Bitcoin Core. "We strongly recommend that you download the key with thumbprint 01EA5486DE18A882D4C2684590C8019E36C2E964 and before you run any codes Bitcoin Core to verify the signature and hashes", - reports

According to one of the developers of Bitcoin Core Eric Lombroso (Eric Lombrozo), resource administration that have no direct relationship to the Core Bitcoin project, issued a notice, previously without telling anyone. "Why this happened is unclear, but verification of cryptographic signatures for assemblies is recommended in any case," said Lombroso reporters The Register.
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