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Secret weapon the NSA could kidnap "Snowden Jr."

Secret weapon the NSA could kidnap "Snowden Jr."

by sigismund » 2016-08-18 13:13:17

According to experts, no hacking was not a leak – the handiwork of an insider.

Earlier in the week, the public was stirred up by the news of the hacking Equation Group – organizations that are developing cyber-weapons (Stuxnet in particular) for the national security Agency of the United States. Responsibility for the incident was taken by the grouping of The Shadow Brokers, but it is unknown who is hiding behind this name. According to former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, the attack likely was carried out by order of the government of the Russian Federation. However, there is another version.

According to the publication Motherboard, with reference to who asked to remain anonymous former NSA employee, the data could not be obtained as a result of hacking and stolen by an insider, follow the example of Snowden. "My colleagues and I are confident that there was no break, and this group simply does not exist. "The Shadow Brokers is one person who is an employee", - the interlocutor Reported.

According to the source, the insider would be much easier to get published The Shadow Brokers data than anyone else, even Russia, to kidnap them remotely. "Access naming conventions of directories, files and some scripts found in the dump, you can get only from the inside," explained a former employee of the NSA, adding that "it makes no sense to leave such files on the server that someone can hack. According to him, these files are stored in a physically isolated network, not connected to the Internet.
The head of the company Comae Matt Suiche (Matt Suiche) support the insider theory. However, he believes that the leak occurred due to an error. As the expert said, someone from the elite NSA hacking unit Tailored Access Operation (TAO) could mistakenly write on the server tools for hacking.

Security expert Michael Adams (Michael Adams), more than twenty years has served in the special operations Command of the United States, agree with the insider theory. "This is the work of "younger Snowden" with the difference that he did not want to end up in a virtual prison in Russia. He's smart enough to uncover the truth, but he also had the brains to remain anonymous," said Adams.
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