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Hackers announced the theft of cyber-weapons U.S. intelligence

Hackers announced the theft of cyber-weapons U.S. intelligence

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Hackers announced the theft of cyber-weapons U.S. intelligence

A group of hackers called Shadow Brokers announced the receipt of access to cyber weapons, presumably associated with the national security Agency of the United States. As stated in the statement of hackers, they managed to find and hack a hacker group Equation Group, which is associated with the NSA, and the majority of malware used for cyber espionage.

In a statement the hackers reference was made to examples of source code part of the stolen programs. According to The New York Times, the majority of computer security experts that have reviewed the statement of the Shadow Brokers, came to the conclusion that the allegations of the hackers can be true. The newspaper writes that a program like that laid out hackers, mentioned in the secret documents of the NSA, who three years ago made public by Edward Snowden.

Shadow Brokers have posted some stolen software in open access, and the rest promised to sell to those who offer the highest price. A statement of hackers can be found here. The hackers claim that in Equation Group don't know what was stolen, and I hope that the creators of cyber weapons themselves will take part in the auction.

Officially, the US government has not said about the possibility of hacking into the NSA and theft of cyber weapons.

→ The New York Times:

The one who got the source codes, had to penetrate the secret NSA servers, or other servers worldwide, which the Agency uses to store data. Hackers published the source code is dated mid-2013, when after the publication of Edward Snowden, the Agency has closed many existing servers and transferred the data to the new in the framework of strengthening of security measures (eng. lang.).
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