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The company Exodus offered for vulnerabilities in iOS more Apple: up to $500 000

The company Exodus offered for vulnerabilities in iOS more Apple: up to $500 000

by seo_worker » 2016-08-12 16:14:18

Recently, Apple has announced that from 1 September 2016 will start your own reward program for vulnerabilities. The company promised to pay researchers rewards of up to $200 000. Despite the fact that Apple has offered researchers a decent reward, it was not enough. Private broker of the vulnerabilities that the company Exodus Intelligence, announced a "counter offer" and said he was ready to pay up to $500 000 for 0-day and N-day bugs in iOS.

It is no secret that the company that sells vulnerabilities appreciate bugs in Apple products. So, at the end of 2015, the firm Zerodium promised to pay a million dollars to anyone who can find 0day in iOS 9. Of course, the first 0day for competition did not fit, detailed conditions of the job were very difficult. However, in November 2015, the competition ended successfully: who asked to remain unidentified team of hackers has managed to fulfill all the conditions Zerodium and took a huge prize.

Also last year, representatives Zerodium talked about, there are many different vulnerabilities, and even explained why vulnerabilities in Apple products are prized far above all others.

Obviously, Exodus Intelligence hold similar opinions. The company announced the launch of the initiative Research Sponsorship Program (RSP), which is built around the acquisition of information about vulnerabilities and exploits. The company is willing to pay researchers, not only for vulnerabilities in Apple iOS, but also ready to acquire bugs in Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge Adobe Flash. Prays on vulnerability can be seen below, for example, the most dangerous problems in iOS 9.3 and above Exodus Intelligence is estimated at $500 000.

An example of a company Zerodium and recent history about how the FBI hacked iPhone terrorists (militiamen paid for and exploit more than a million dollars) show that the installed plank Exodus Intelligence is far from a record. However, Apple seems to be worth to think about how to deal with problems discovered by the researchers, given the fact that the official bug bounty program is only works for a narrow circle of people, by invitation only, and private brokers offer for 0-day bugs in two and a half times higher than the official rate.
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