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Removed from App Store 8 fake bitcoin wallets used to steal users ' money

Removed from App Store 8 fake bitcoin wallets used to steal users ' money

by seo_worker » 2016-08-11 12:46:48

Not only in Google Play from time to time discover malware or application were forgeries. Apple removed from the official app catalog eight bitcoin wallets, as applications looked suspicious, and users have reported that they have lost money.

From the application catalog have been removed GreenAddress, Bitcoin Wallet Simple, Simple Bitcoin Wallet ™, GreenBits Bitcoin Wallet, Bitcoin Wallet, Bitcoin Armory Wallet, Blockchain — Bitcoin Wallet Offline and BitcoinCore — Bitcoin Wallet.

All fakes found employee Breadwallet, the researcher was looking for them precisely because he became aware that the icon and title of Breadwallet uses some third-party apps, posing as official iOS version of the wallet.

Qoute:"Fake Breadwallet app used the same icon and name as the real Breadwallet, which allowed to cheat check Apple, and on July 29 was added to the App Store — says the representative of the company on Reddit. We immediately took action to be removed, however, some users inadvertently set a fake and reported that their money was stolen."

Upon discovering the forgery, the employee Breadwallet continued searching and found eight of the above applications. They all contain pieces of source code present Breadwallet and various external attributes that allowed them to impersonate real applications.

It is worth saying that the fake app is not so rare for App Store. For example, 8 August 2016, the company "Doctor Web" warned that the App Store was seen two applications that imitates an antivirus company. Masking both fake used the trademark "Doctor Web" and the company logo.
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