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Hackers stole 223 GB of data from the medical center, Oh, USA

Hackers stole 223 GB of data from the medical center, Oh, USA

by sigismund » 2016-08-04 11:56:19

among the stolen files were confidential patient data.

Hacker group "Right Sector" of Ukraine has claimed responsibility for a cyber attack on the servers of the medical center, Oh, USA, specializing in the field of urology, Central Ohio Urology Group). During the incident, was abducted 223 GB of confidential data. The attackers loaded the stolen files to Dropbox before you can publish data to the Network.

According to representatives of the Israeli company Hacked-DB working in deep data analysis, the study of this array of information will take enough time to confirm the legitimacy of the data. Among the kidnapped were 401 828 files, including 646 16 text files 1 212 ZIP file, 13 RAR files, 108 SQL files, 30 CSV files, 10 the. BAK files 33 841 DOC/Docx file, 150 325 XLS/XLSX files, 8 video files, 64 312 pdf files 1 234 jpg, TIF 4 264 file and 9 327 .crypt files.

Currently, security researchers from Hacked-DB working on the analysis and payment of medical data of patients that were stored on the server of the medical institution without the necessary security measures. The experts also found in the array topology data and the network architecture of the medical center, information about terminal servers, information about firewall configuration, payment notifications, remote app shortcuts with detailed information about the server without having to enter a password, x-files, etc.

Some of the medical files contain a complete medical history of patients, data on the causes of disease, methods of treatment, diagnostics and surgical procedures. According to experts, this kind of breach of security jeopardizes the reputation of the medical establishment and leads to lawsuits from patients.
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