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In HTTP/2 is detected five dangerous vulnerabilities

In HTTP/2 is detected five dangerous vulnerabilities

by sigismund » 2016-08-04 11:55:23

Some of the vulnerabilities allow DoS attack.

Security researchers at Imperva have discovered five dangerous vulnerabilities in the new version of the HTTP Protocol, HTTP/2. After analyzing the implementation of the server part of HTTP/2 from Apache, Microsoft, NGINX, Jetty and nghttp2, experts managed to identify vulnerabilities in all the major mechanisms in HTTP/2. Among the vulnerabilities discovered were two vulnerabilities that affect the version of HTTP/1.x.

One of the vulnerabilities (CVE-2016-1546) allows an attacker to use a malicious client to very slow in reading responses, thereby causing denial of service. The attacker is able to use the settings for HTTP/2 multiplexing a large number of channels over one TCP connection. Despite the fact that the server supports one TCP connection, it allocates a thread for each channel, which can lead to consume all available threads on a vulnerable server.

Vulnerability Bomb HPACK includes two holes (CVE-2016-1544, CVE-2016-2525), which allows an attacker to create a small mind the message that actually unpacks gigabytes of data on the server side. An attacker can consume all available resources on the system and cause denial of service.

The flaw CVE-2015-8659 affects the mechanisms of flow control used by HTTP/2 for network optimization. With the help of specially malformed requests an attacker could cause an infinite loop of the application. Exploitation of the vulnerability allows DoS attack or to execute arbitrary code on the system.

CVE-2016-0150 connected with the multiplexing flow when multiple sessions are using a single HTTP/2 connection. Since the division of communications is solely logical, an attacker can use this to manipulate the server. The operation of the gaps allows for a DoS attack.
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