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Arrested the founder of the largest community of ethical hackers, China

Arrested the founder of the largest community of ethical hackers, China

by sigismund » 2016-08-02 10:12:09

No official statements regarding the cause of the arrest.

China has arrested the founder of the largest community of ethical hackers Fan Caodong (Fang Xiaodun). Community Wooyun has more than five thousand participants. About ten senior members of the organization, including Sawdust, was taken away by police without filing any specific charges.

According to participants Wooyun, it all happened very quickly, there was no administrative procedures, no prior notice of the arrest. Saadouni managed to take part in the Convention of white hats on the 8-9th July and there were no preconditions for the upcoming arrest. The last official message of the founder of Wooyun on account WeChat dated 18 July this year. For security purposes, members of the community had to close my access account Sawdust.

According to the source, Wooyun is a nonprofit organization that publishes data about the vulnerabilities is only the case if companies refuse to accept them. Currently, in the absence of official information, there is only speculation regarding the cause of the arrest of members of the community. Some believe that Saadoune was engaged in search of vulnerabilities in government networks without the permission of the authorities. According to the legal Advisor, the Internet community of China, members Wooyun may face legal issues connected with criminal liability.
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