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The FSB have discovered malware for spying on state institutions

The FSB have discovered malware for spying on state institutions

by sigismund » 2016-08-01 13:05:06

FSB discovered malware for spying on state institutions

Today, on 30 July, the FSB of Russia published on its website a notice about the detection of malware designed for cyber espionage. Malware was discovered on computers about 20 organizations located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Were infected system in computer networks of public authorities and management, scientific and military establishments, enterprises of the military-industrial complex and other critical infrastructure of the country.

Qoute:"According to experts of the specified malicious software by the style of writing, the name of the files, settings of use and methods of infection are similar to software used in high-profile cyber espionage operations, previously identified as on the territory of the Russian Federation and around the world. The latest sets of this software are made for each "victim" individually, based on the unique characteristics of the attacked PC", - stated in the notice.

The FSB believes that the introduction of malicious software is carried out through the implementation of targeted attacks on organisations. The attackers sent out emails containing the Trojan.

Qoute:"After their introduction into the system, the malware loads the necessary modules, taking into account characteristics of the victim", and then capable of intercepting network traffic, it is listening, taking screenshots of the screen turn itself on web cameras and microphones, personal computers, mobile devices, record audio and video files, data keyboard, etc."
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