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User data of the mobile operator O2 sold in "Dark web"

User data of the mobile operator O2 sold in "Dark web"

by sigismund » 2016-07-26 11:33:41

the Stolen data includes passwords, phone numbers and emails.

Stolen personal data of users of the British mobile operator O2 for sale in the "Dark web", reported by the BBC correspondent. According to the BBC, the data were obtained three years ago in the attack on a gaming site XSplit. Kidnapped XSplit user names and passwords are being exploited to compute a user account O2.

Sold in "Dark web" the stolen data includes passwords, date of birth, phone numbers, and emails. To determine the authenticity of the information BBC correspondents acquired a small part of the data. The investigation showed, the majority of victims used the same usernames and passwords on different resources. The attackers gained access not only to accounts of O2, but other accounts affected. According to the complaints of the victims, the scammers are already exploiting their accounts on various websites.

After stealing information, the hackers in the first place, check if passwords and logins to other resources on the Network – a technique called "Credential stuffing". Thus, in the hands of cyber criminals can be access to all accounts of the victim.
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