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Snowden has developed a case for smartphone tracking leaks

Snowden has developed a case for smartphone tracking leaks

by seo_worker » 2016-07-23 11:06:50

Edward Snowden and hacker-zhelezyachnik Andrew Huang, nicknamed "Bunny" proposed construction of the case, tracking the information which is transferred by the smartphone. The development was demonstrated at the event of the laboratory of media of Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT Media Lab).

The case, dubbed Intospection Engine, contains a miniature computer that works independently of the smartphone that is being monitored. It has its own battery and a display showing the status of the monitor.

This is done deliberately. The whole point of the case is that the phone can not be trusted. The project authors write that at desire it is possible to buy malware which is able, without betraying themselves, activate the phone's radios. In such circumstances, to rely on the phone also unreasonable, as "letting a drunk decide if he's sober enough to get behind the wheel.

Case monitors the activity of different radio components of a mobile phone and notifies you if after switching on aviarium phone continues to emit radio signals, thereby giving the location of its owner.

The device monitors the status of the cellular module the iPhone, as well as GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To determine the location and specifications of antennas, the creators of the case was guided by the instructions to repair your iPhone. The antenna of NFC, which Apple Pay uses, they recommend disabling.

The prototype, which was developed by Snowden and Huang, suitable only for the iPhone 6, but in the future they hope to add support for other mobile phones.
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