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Fixed multi-vector DDoS attack using DNSSEC

Fixed multi-vector DDoS attack using DNSSEC

by sigismund » 2016-07-22 11:56:12

Massive attack consisted of six vectors.

Security experts Akamai helped ease a DDoS attack with a capacity of 363 GB/s and throughput of 57 million packets per second. Target was one of the European media companies (company name is not specified). The unusual attack was not only to special power, but in the Union of six different vectors, including DNS reflection, SYN-flood, UDP fragment, PUSH-flood, TCP flood and UDP flood.
According to experts, nearly 60% of DDoS attacks carried out in the first quarter of this year were multi-vector. Most of them used only two vectors, and only two percent of cases, five or more vectors. In large-scale attacks with the implementation of DNS reflection, the attackers used the domains with DNSSEC support for more response.

Despite the fact that DNSSEC authenticates the origin of DNS, DNSSEC standard query in addition to the usual data about the domain contains many associated with the authentication data, including cryptographic verification. This enables the attackers to amplify the attack.

According to a report by Akamai, DDoS attacks using the DNSSEC Protocol was aimed at companies in various fields. The target of several DDoS attacks have become the network of the Massachusetts Institute of technology.
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