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Fitness trackers endanger the user's personal data

Fitness trackers endanger the user's personal data

by sigismund » 2016-07-20 11:38:56

All devices tested failed the safety test data.

A researcher from AV-Test's Markus selinger (Markus Selinger) analyzed the security of the seven most popular fitness bracelets, including Basis Peak, Microsoft Band 2, Mobile Action Q-Band, Pebble Time, Moment Elite Runtastic, Striiv Fusion, and the Xiaomi MiBand. The expert was interested in ascertaining the quality of protection of user data and reliability applications, as well as the possibility of falsification of the information through insurance or other partner companies.

In total, Salinger considered the 11 criteria of safety, including storage of applications and data synchronization with mobile devices. The researcher analyzed the security of the Protocol BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), protection from unauthorized access, authentication parameters, etc. the Expert said that no device was able to successfully pass a test for safety BLE. Fitness trackers and Moment Elite Fusion failed all the security checks, and the MiBand is only partially coped with the task.

With regard to security of local storage, obfuscation code, and also debug and registration information, good results have shown Q-Band and Pebble. MiBand, Peak, Band 2 and Moment Elite failed all the tests.

The next step was to test the security apps sync fitness trackers and mobile devices, in particular, the experts analyzed whether the encrypted transmission of data and protected information from unauthorized access. As it turned out in the course of the audit,Q-Band, Fusion and MiBand offer only partial encryption.

According to the results, the expert came to the conclusion that none of them tested the wearable device can be considered completely safe on the issue of security of user data.
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