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Unique extortionate ON sale for only $39

Unique extortionate ON sale for only $39

by sigismund » 2016-07-15 13:54:04

the Trojan is able to delete files every six hours.

In the "dark web" can purchase unique extortionate FOR just $39. Due to its price and functionality, the Trojan can cause a significant increase in the attacks, assured information security experts.

According to researchers from Heimdal Security Software, the malware called Stampado is unique because it is able to delete files every six hours. The functionality and methods Stampado very similar to a CryptoLocker ransomware that uses the technique tunnel junction (File System Tunneling to avoid detection.

Users of infected devices Stampado criminals offer to pay one bitcoin ($660) for 96 hours. Otherwise, the attacker threatened to remove one encrypted file every six hours.

Another advantage Stampado is a lifetime license. Prices for similar malware range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. For example, CrytpoLocker in 2015 were sold for $3 million, told security experts. Extortionate FOR without transmission to the buyer malicious code is estimated to be from $50 for a certain period of its use.

Given the low cost and unique functionality for creating Stampado are inexperienced attackers, I'm sure Lawrence Abrams (Abrams Lawrence) of BleepingComputer.

Currently, experts are working on the analysis Stampado. The malware uses the extension. EXE,. BAT,. DLL,. SCR and CMD for payload delivery. The ransomware encrypts files and changes the extension to .locked. Attackers decode one file as a guarantee, and then send the user instructions. Researchers have not yet discovered the use of a new malware in fraudulent campaigns.
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by Admin » 2017-12-15 15:22:21

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Unique extortionate ON sale for only $39

by allmore » 2016-07-15 18:07:51

File System Tunneling cool technology)))) hehe, guessed it the same guys
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