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Extortionist CryptXXX free provides keys for decryption

Extortionist CryptXXX free provides keys for decryption

by sigismund » 2016-07-15 13:51:35

Free keys are only available for certain versions CryptXXX.

Extortionate FOR CryptXXX free provides keys to recover encrypted content. This could make sure a few forum users Bleeping Computer. However, the "generosity auction" only applies to some versions of the Trojan, in particular, adds expansion .Crypz and .Cryp1 to encrypted files.

According to the testimony of users, when you try to log on the server of malefactors, they received a free key, which really was able to recover the encrypted files. The reasons why the attackers decided to provide victims with free key, is not yet known. It is not excluded that this is due to a malfunction of the payment system of the virus writers. In the past the authors CryptXXX repeatedly made mistakes in your code.

For the first time about extortionate FOR CryptXXX became known in April this year. The malware has a very interesting functionality in addition to encryption of information on the victim's computer, he can steal bitcoins, passwords and other important data. For recovery of data access of the operators of the malware demanding a ransom of $ 1.2 bitcoins (approximately $515). According to the report of experts of the company SentinelOne, a few weeks to the authors of the Trojan managed to earn about $50,000 in bitcoins.
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