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Discovered another backdoor for Mac

Discovered another backdoor for Mac

by sigismund » 2016-07-09 21:51:05

OSX/Keydnap steals the contents of the keychain on Mac OS X and provides permanent access to a compromised system.

The current week was disappointing for Mac users – do not have time to calm down the buzz around the malware Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor, as information security experts announced a new backdoor code. According to the researchers of ESET, the Trojan OSX/Keydnap steals the contents of the keychain access Mac OS X and provides the attackers ongoing access to the compromised system.

Researchers find it difficult to determine exactly the method by which the infection occurs. Most likely, backdoor distributed via spam emails, however it can also get to the system through applications downloaded from untrusted sources. As explained by the experts, one of the components of the loader is distributed with the ZIP file.

ZIP-archive contains an executable file format Mach-O, masquerading as a text or JPEG file. At the end of the extension there is a space, which when you double-click on the file it opens in Terminal but not in TextEdit or Preview, as normal files. Since file Manager Finder identificeret the icon of the executable file as a JPEG or TXT file, the user is unlikely to know something is up and is likely to open it.

Backdoor, Packed with a modified version of UPX, achieving persistence on the system, installing a. PLIST file in /Library/LaunchAgents/ (if available root access) or $USER/Library/LaunchAgents/ (without root permissions). Icloudsyncd executable file stored in the directory Library/Application Support/
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by Admin » 2017-12-15 15:20:53


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Discovered another backdoor for Mac

by allmore » 2016-07-16 15:04:16

That began to emerge the truth about Macs, which so long silent and earn money.
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