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Smart watch can be used to intercept the entered PIN-code

Smart watch can be used to intercept the entered PIN-code

by sigismund » 2016-07-08 11:51:47

Scientists from the American University developed the algorithm of guessing the PIN-code by hand movement.

Themes security for mobile gadgets and is becoming very popular due to the incredible demand for such devices. Devices are equipped with incredible features and brings a very unusual attack vectors on the victim.

Assistant Professor of computer science Binghamton University (NY), Yan Wang (Yan Wang) conducted an interesting survey related to the security of smart watches. In the experiment, the scientist managed to develop a fairly reliable method of determining the entered PIN code on the basis of data obtained from the sensors of smart watches. The results of the study were presented at ASIACCS conference, held in June this year in China.

Yan Wang together with students were able to develop an algorithm capable of the minimum movements of hands to determine with an accuracy of 80% is entered on the ATM keypad numbers. The probability of guessing the PIN was increased to 90% with three attempts.

However, this method of theft of the PIN code is unlikely to be popular. If an attacker manages to get access to the smartphone of the victim, to steal the PIN code not to be meaningful. Many banks are now using two-factor authentication involving mobile (SMS, call). If you have access to the device, the attacker will be successful enough to log in to the client Bank and transfer money to any account. Moreover, the PIN code is usually not imposed on the hand where you wear the watch.

And not to expose themselves to additional vectors of attack, use the clock as directed.
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Стилер паролей Fox v1.0

by Admin » 2017-11-22 11:58:00

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Smart watch can be used to intercept the entered PIN-code

by allmore » 2016-07-09 09:32:51

heh, waiting for the algorithm)
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